About Us

Our Mission

To provide for those that provide for Mother Earth.

Our Vision

Sustain an ecosystem in which the kindness of our community and the power of the Anu Token create lasting, positive impacts for our planet through the environmentally-conscious charities of the world.

Our Values

Transparency, Passion, Integrity, Commitment, and Community.

These are our fundamental beliefs, and they define who we are. They guide our thoughts, actions, and behaviour; they influence the way we work with each other and the way we serve Mother Nature and the Anu Initiative community.

Our Team

Ashley Dechnik

Chief Executive Officer

Alan Heraty

Chief Operating Officer

Tejas Bhat

Chief Security Officer

Daniel Mihai

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Luna & Samus

Co-Chief Cuteness Officers



– Proof of Concept and Feasibility Study
– Cryptonomics and Smart Contract Development
– Smart Contract Code Audit
Incorporate as a Company Limited by Guarantee in the Republic of Ireland


– Complete the Anu Initiative DAO Minimum Viable Product (MVP)  and deploy it on the Polygon test-net
– Receive VASP license from the Central Bank of Ireland
– Launch the Anu Initiative DAO on the Polygon main-net

Impact Delivery

– Launch Awareness Campaigns
– Enroll Impact Partners 
– List the Smart Contract on major exchanges
– Create a protocol for DAO empowerment to individuals committed to making a positive Impact


Once we become VASP licensed, we are planning to enroll partners working in the below Impact Categories.

CO2 sequestration
CO2 reduction

Volcanic Cataclysm
Chemical accidents
Nuclear disasters & proliferation

Ecology R&D
Ecology education
Alternative energy

Oil spills
Coral reef rejuvenation
Marine life
Water contamination
Water access

Animal rights
Fair land use
Land conservation

Latest Updates

Recent Updates

Recent Updates





Anu is a goddess in Irish mythology who was associated with the land, fertility, and prosperity. She was also known by other names such as Danu or Dana, and was considered to be one of the most important goddesses in the Irish pantheon.

Anu was believed to be the mother of the gods and goddesses of Ireland, and was often depicted as a nurturing figure. She was associated with the earth and was believed to have the power to bring forth bountiful harvests and ensure the fertility of the land.

In some stories, Anu was also associated with sovereignty, and was said to have bestowed kingship upon the High Kings of Ireland. She was often invoked by warriors before battle to ensure their victory, and by women seeking fertility and protection for their families.

We are working hard to become fully regulated and compliant with applicable laws.

We will launch the Smart Contract on the main-net once we receive the Virtual Asset Service Provider license from the Central Bank of Ireland.

More information can be found here.

We are considering launching our Smart Contract on the Polygon smart-chain, because it aligns best with our values, as it is the most eco-friendly chain.

We are planning to launch an ICO in a fair and transparent manner, without any pre-allocation of tokens or unfair advantages for early investors or team members.



Help Anu Initiative grow!

Cryptonomics and Smart Contract Development​
Smart Contract Code Audit
Web Design & Platform Development
VASP Registration with the Central Bank of Ireland
Anu Initiative CLG is registered in Dublin, Ireland. Registration number 701039.

Our Address: The Black Church, St. Mary’s Place, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Any queries may be sent via mail to the above address, or via e-mail to [email protected]